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The American Biterary Gasette and Publishers’ Circular. [ESTABLISHED !852.] PUBLICATION OFFICE, 298 BRoADWAY, NEW York.

Iintered at the Post-Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter.

VoL. LXXVII., No. 23. NEW YORK, June 4, 1910 WHOLE NO. 2001



By Henryk Sienkiewicz

This new novel by the author of ‘‘With Fire and Sword,” ‘Quo Vadis,” etc., deals with conditions of modern life. The hero and heroine are made the central figures of a notable group of life-like characters and there is an unusual love story. Bril- liant dialogue, profound thought, and subtle analysis of human motives permeate the book, and the novelist shows that he has been a close observer of recent agrarian troubles and socialistic intrigues in Poland.

Translated from the Polish by Max A. Drezmal. Cloth, $1.50



By Frank Savile Romantic in action, sustained in plot, and novel in incident, with Tangier for the background.

Illustrated by Herman Pfeifer. Cloth, $1.50

LITTLE, BROWN & CO., Publishers, Boston

The Publishers’ Weekly. [No. 2001] June 4, 1910

Timely Summer Books FOR

lvavellers ov Readers



Author of ‘‘Along the Labrador Coast”

HIS volume is interesting not only as a description of a cruise along a portion of the southern Labrador coast beset with islands and abounding in salmon rivers, but also from its human atmosphere of Acadian fishermen, fur traders

and Montagnais Indians, and it gives one many glimpses of the picturesque life in these little known regions.

The chief object of Dr. Townsend’s vacation trip to Labrador was a study of the brief northern spring with its melting snow-banks, its bursting buds and procession of flowers, its migrating birds and Indians and the varied spring activities of its white settlers.

This book, like ‘‘Along the Labrador Coast,” by the same author, is fully illus- trated by numerous well-chosen photographs taken on the trip.

Illustrated. Cloth. I2mo, $.150



HE secret of Curtis Yorke’s popularity with ‘‘all sorts and conditions”’ of readers T is that she writes from experience in life and art, that she possesses clearness of vision, and that in all her work there is a refreshing absence of the ‘*mechanical” and the ‘‘unreal.” The plot of ‘‘Wayward Anne” is simplicity itself —but it is the simplicity of the art which conceals art. An unconventional friend- ship of a man, who is under a cloud, with a girl who believes in him, forms its basis.

Cloth. I2mo. $1.50


NEW exquisite series illustrating the prominent features of picturesque England.

The volumes will be printed on fine paper, each containing 48 pages, size 74x 93,

of letter-press and 12 colored reproductions of water colors, mounted and in-

serted as plates, that have been made expressly for the work by Ernest Haslehust. The text is written by well-known and competent writers.



DANA ESTES @ CO., Publishers, Boston

lune 4, 1910 [No. 2001 The Publishers’ Weekly. 2171

“«The Man Higher Up,’ the new novel by Henry Russell Miller, leads the way as the strongest new book of the Spring.

“It is big and ambitious; it has news’ value; it engages an important theme; it has real Sig- nificance. It is a great book because of a sort of underlying defiance there is in it.

“Tt throws out a superb chal- lenge; it has something intensely vital in it, something so virile that you involuntarily get beyond the story and back to the man who wrote it.”—Oakland Tribune.

The Bobbs-Merrill Company New York Indianapolis

2172 The Publishers’ Weekly. [No. 2001] June 4, 1910

The most ‘superb book yet produced by modern processes of color-reproduction

Messrs. THOMAS Y. CROWELL & COMPANY have the pleasure to announce that


will be

The Rime of the Aneient Mariner

The size of the volume is 12% by 9g inches.

It contains 184 pages decorated in two colors, with many illustrations in black and white, and twenty full-page plates printed by the four-color process, and enclosed within delicate borders. The title-page is printed in nine colors and gold.

EDITIONS ORDINARY EDITION, $5.00 net. Velvet Persian, yapp, $10.00 net. LIMITED EDITION (525 copies, numbered and signed by the Artist), printed on Japan vellum, bound in full leather, $15.00 net.

Booksellers are invited to place their orders now

as only one printing can be made in time for the holiday trade. A number of orders could not be filled for the limited edition of “The Rubdaiyat”’ issued last year.


une 4, 1910 [No. 2001] The Publishers’ Weekly.

LS) Ni wr



By MARY S. WATTS. Citi, 87.50

Don’t be discouraged by the length of “Nathan Burke.” You will read and re-read many times every one of its 628 pages. What is more, your children and grandchildren will also read them, and this can be said truly of few current popular novels.

It is unfortunate that you should have been misled into buying many worth- less novels by unscrupulous advertisements and still more unscrupulous so-called reviews. “Nathan Burke” is different. You will be glad that this advertisement induced you to buy it,


‘‘Nathan Burke’”’ is published by The Macmillan Company, and our recommendation to you to buy it and read it means something even in these days when so many poor novels are widely advertised and exploited.


“The longer we abide with her friendly group the more interesting they become and the more sorry are we to find the volume in our hand growing thicker on its left. However, one may always read again, and the reading again and yet again brings out

Only once in a decade, says the Boston Transcript, is a new novel added to the list of those “destined to endure.” ‘In the enthusiasm aroused by the first reading of ‘Nathan Burke,’ one is inclined to extrav- agance of praise. Here is a novel so

subtle revelations, delicate nuances, at first unperceived. Especially does one appreciate more and more the quality of the humor, existing as a pervasive flavor, not a succession of flashes.”"— Zhe New York Times. “«Nathan Burke’ has a universal appeal.”’—New York American.

Extraordinarily worth while.” —Record-Herald.

sound, so filled with much that has inspired the great novels, that it is hard to maintain moderate standards of comparison.”

The Outlook finds that it responds well to the only test for this kind of writing, that “the interest continues throughout, increasing rather than abating as the story slowly folds.”



is “the best book that has appeared for years.” “The most fascinating new book of the Spring.”

Published by


64-66 Fifth Ave. New York

The Publishers’ Weekly. [No. 2001] June 4, to10

Mr. Bookseller:

The Public WANTS This Book. Are You Prepared to Furnish It to Them?


By John J. Hamilton

The only publication giving a complete and ac- curate description of the workings of


now in operation in over seventy cities and being agitated through the press everywhere. Hundreds of columns of newspaper and maga- zine notices and comments are arousing the pub- lic and are bound to quicken the demand for this new book.

PRICE, $1.20 NET


44-60 East 23d Street, New York



ee ot : oa


ewe @



June 4, 1910 [No. 2001] The Publishers’ Weekly. 2177 _____— resentment at reenter


OW that Glenn H. Curtiss, the Aviator,

has made the famous Albany to New York” trip by Airship, interest in books bearing on Aerial Navigation will be in

oreat demand.


The Boy Aviators’ Series |

an excellent line of Boys’ books by Capt. WILBUR LAWTON. 12mo. Sx titles. List price 50 cents.

The following titles are now ready:


or, In League with the Insurgents


or, Working with Wireless


| HURST & COMPANY, Publishers, New York |

2178 The Publishers’ Weekly. [No. 2001] June 4, 1010


Page’s List


L. M. MONTGOMERY’S New Book Cloth, Illustrated, $1.25


‘“‘A fragrant love story of Prince Edward Island which will gratify lovers of fiction and al! who have springtime in the heart.”— Philadelphia Press.


By the author of “Anne of Green Gables” (22d Printing since publication in 1908) and “Anne of Avonlea” (11th Printing since publication in 1909).



A novelization of the successful play of the same name. “‘It combines all the fascinations of college doing with a real love story, which is charm-

ingly told. . . . The book will form a pretty gift for the sweet girl graduate.” pretty & ; —Pittsburg Bulletin. With fifteen full-page illustrations, reproduced from scenes from the play Cloth, $1.50



By the author of Captain Love,” “Hemming, the Adventurer,” etc.

‘“‘A tale of plot and romance, of love, mystery and adventure. There is a compelling move- ment throughout.” —Nashville Banner.

Cloth, 12mo, Illustrated, $1.50



By the author of “Miss Frances Baird, Detective”

‘*Mystery, and international complications, combined with a geet love story make Mr. Kauffman’s latest work most agreeable reading for an idle hour.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Cloth, Illustrated, $1.25



jreuwee LL. C. PAGE & COMPANY = 22"


fo) re) o

| ||

June 4, 1910 [No. 2001]

Che Publishers’ Weekly

Subscription Rates

One year, postage prepaid in the United States, $4.00; foreign, $5.00. ,

Single copies 10 cents; postpaid, 12 cents. Educa- tional Number, im leatherette, 50 cents; Bookshelf, 25 cents. Extra copies of the numbers containing the three and six months’ Cumulative Lists, 25 cents each te subscribers only. The Annual Summary Number is not sold separately.

Advertising Rates

One PABC. wsseeeeveeeces e*eeeeeeeeeeeneev eee * $25 00 Half page ev ee eee ee eee eeeeeeeeree eevee eeeeee 14 00 quarter page e*eenveve eeeeneveee eee eeeeereeneeeaene 7 00 ighth PAZC« nc eeeerccesvecs eeneeeeeeeeaeeeene 4 co One-sixteenth page...-. *eeeweee eee eee 2 2 The above rates are for snepeies EF gpnncomeng Spe- cial rates for preferred positions (f . Higher rates are oud for the Ann Sum- nary Number, Summer Number, Educational Num- ber and Christmas Bookshelt. Under “‘Bocks for Sale,” or for other small un- displayed advertisements, the charge is 10 cents a nonpareil line. No reduction for repeated matter, Count seven words to the line. See under “Books Wanted” for special rates to s Ts. Advertising copy should reach us Tuesday noon— earlier, if proof is desired out-of-town. Forms close Thursday noon. PuBLICATION OFFICE, 298 Broapway, P. O. Box, 943, N. Y. R. R. Bowxer, Editor and Publisher.


American Ogg ah. . crake ys ete cees vas dne tues 2226 Ammon & Mackel Bankruptcy Sale............ 2224

Baker & ‘Tape tats oxic os sin ctase cae eee 2271 Baker’s Gegee seeeee: MO, ss tothe bape'caneuen 2226 Bobbe-Meragey Gas <6 Ube bs «ue Geko b ci Ss a Cte 2171 Books far Gc. vuinswedoes 0.500 bs ov tukehes 2220 Books Wellies. cca ute ws ced ct) bites sabeses's 2209 Business Opportunities (Classified)..inside back cover Business Oumar cid sve di'sins tagnees cet 2222 Cazenove (€3 Bi Fae melas + p:abdege © a> obese o¥a 2226 Crowell (T. "iid Ge Sat Pake ee beteresevedeaanes 2172 Educational Catalogue...........5. -ssccecess 2226 Estes (Dama) © Gi. ceases sccustueccreccapes 2170 Fly (Hi Be Ge iiities dawe + opt Cakwa ses sees 2175 Funk & Wee O01, + ~ svbvedbenesceaees 2174 ee 0 ey OFS 2226 Houghton Mifflin Company..............-.00: 2222 Huebech: £05: ab eciieed otic 6 kee pmabindb nee sake 2225 Huret Qe el os oc ch ee eabhekas o> 2177 Internatio SOW Mas G. ct obec eeecdbeccecs 2271 Jenkins CWE. Mer Gasca eels uo s MEIC 8 226 Kay Printing BAGG + sb0<0.0cdbheerssambamemss: 2073 Kellogg (A. Meck Oe Gs «bce hseenise Fn ev taee 2271 Lippineot®: (J; 2ey Cava. isuaweaess. > ores back cover Little, Dens S fot. vic cks tie ccna 40 wba 6 2169 Miacuaiiiiees Soe rn a te ee aes 2173 Nacter BeeQegeiics induces ois Oee woes aeebas cs 2222 Nelson (Thomas) & Sons..........cscccccee: 2223 Page 1a Coy mi sidw'ss + ei esands + eepass< 2178 Publishing Adjuncts.........-...+. inside back cover Special NoticeS.cscecocccecssces socceeeescens 2222 spemced (CUPMINUEF ia cuuh tugs cbiagks cheep Kees 2222 Tapley (J, ‘Bip Ge CO icedess tlh toes. cbeaceds 2271 Wol@ (Wi) i <nicdstte:. duced heb petake's ov cenena 2224


No announcement has yet been made as to when Mr, Roosevelt’s series of European ad- dresses will be published in book form.

Funk & WacNnatts Company have ready “The Dethronement of the City Boss,” by John J. Hamilton, which gives a complete description of the workings of the Des Moines or commission plan of city govern- ment, now in operation in upwards of 70 and being fostered by the press every- where.

THoucH published but a month ago, Miss L. H. Montgomery’s new book, “Kilmeny of the Orchard,” has already jumped into the

The Publishers’ Weekly 2179

ranks of the “best sellers,” and its publishers (L. C. Page & Company, Boston) are rush- ing through a fourth large edition to meet the insistent demand for the new book by the author of “Anne of Green Gables,” now in its twenty-second large edition, and its se- quel, “Anne of Avonlea,” now in its eleventh edition.

J. B. Lipprncorr Company have just issued “Sterne: a Study,” by Walter Sichel, to which is added “The Journal to Eliza,” printed for the first time, four new letters and eleven illustrations in text; “The Laws of Life and Health,” by Dr. Alexander Bryce, presented in simplest language; “Chats on Electricity,” by Frank Broadbent, fully il- lustrated by the authcr; and “Hydrographic Surveying, a Practical Handbook,” by Com- mander S. V. S. C. Messum, retired, Royal Navy, with 262 figures and 22 plates.

B. W. Huesscu, New York, announces that he will publish a new novel by James Oppenheim, the author of the “Dr. Rast” stories. It may be predicted that the book will become the subject of controversy, for the author has taken as his central theme a social evil which is usually avoided in public discussion, but which he treats reverently and understandingly. His point of view is that of Dr. Prince A. Morrow, head of the So- ciety of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis. Skilfully interwoven is a beautiful story in which are introduced the East Side figures which Mr. Oppenheim has made famous. This novel is said to reveal a distinct ad- vance in the author’s development.

Hurst & Co., always on the alert for time- ly publicity, call the attention of the trade to their Boy Aviators’ Series, of which there will be six, of which “The Boy Aviators’ in Nicaragua, or, in League With the Insur- gents,” and “The Boy Aviators on Secret Service, or, Working With Wireless,” are now ready. Now that Glenn H, Curtiss, the aviator, has made his famous trip from Al- bany to New York, books on aerial naviga- tion will be much sought for. They also announce that they are making an entirely new series of boys’ books, entitled the Boy Scout Series (trademark registered). The titles of this series will be given out later. Their Boy Aviator Series is having a very satisfactory sale, the second volume being just published.

Tus is June, the month of brides and roses. If booksellers cannot prepare espe- cially for the latter they can for the former. One of the best ways to do this is to secure an ample supply of such a book as Houghton Mifflin’s just published manual for the bride-to-be, “Her Book.” It contains a diary to begin at the time of her engagement, for recording luncheons, teas, “showers,” and other pleasant happenings; pages for listing wedding presents and the dates of their ac- knowledgment; pages for lists of wedding guests, bridesmaids and ushers; for descrip- tions of the bride’s trousseau, her wedding gown and veil; for photographs and news- paper clippings; in short for everything of importance that occurs in one of the hap- piest times of a girl’s life.

mene ig enh SR eo

Weekly Record of New Publications

c. after the date indicates that the book 1s co copyright date differs from the imprint date, the year of copyright is added. Where no price is gi

' The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory.

quotes price only on request.

Pyrighted ;: if the ven the publisher

A colonafter initial designates the most usual given name,as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charice:

D: David; £E:

#dward; F: Frederick; G: George; H: Henry; I: lsaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas

P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; 7: Thomas; W: William. Sizes are designated as Jollows: F.( folio: over 30 centimeters high); Q. (4t0: under 30 em.); O. (800: 25 cm.).

D. (12mo: 20cm); S. (16mo: 17% cm.); .T. (24mo: 15 cm.); Tt. (3amo: 12% cm.); Fe. (48m

@? tocm.). S7., ob/,

nar., designate sgquare,oblong, narrow. For books not received sizes are given in Roman numerais, 4°, 8°. ct:

Aberdeen, Ishbel Maria, Countess of. Our Lady of the Sunshine and her international visitors. N. Y., Dutton, 1910. 12+104 p. 8°, bds., 50 c. net.

Adams, Rev. J: Isiael’s ideal; or, studies in Old Testament theology. N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1910. 12°, $1.50 net.

Adams, W: Taylor, [“Oliver Optic,” pseud.] Building himself up; or, the cruise of the “Fish Hawk”; il. by L. J. Bridgman. Bost., Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, [1910.] 5-300 p. pls. 12°, $1.

Albe, E. E. Fournier d’. The electron the- ory; a popular introd. to the new theory of electricity and magnetism; with a preface by G. Johnstone Stoney; with front. and diagrams in text. 3d ed. N. Y., Long- mans, Green, 1910. 27+327 p. D. cl., $1.25 net.

Work first appeared in 1907; this third edition is brought down to date, the changes from the revised second edition are put into the appendix: which em- bodies some of the latest contributions to the theory ‘The work has been translated irto German and Italian and its distinctive features are recognized abroad. List of references (3 p.).

Aldrich, Mrs. Marg. Chanler. Sonnets for choice. N. Y., Moffat, Yard, 1910. c. 52 p. D. bds., $1 net.

Pook is dedicated to Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, whose great-niece the author is.

Allen, Eldreth Gordon. Manual training for common schools; an organized course in wood-working; ed. by Fassett A. Cotton. N. Y., Scribner, ro1o. c. 17+217 p. il. diagrs., 8°, $1.

American Automobile Association. Automo- bile book, 1910 ed. In4v. v. 1, New York state; v. 2, New England; v. 3, New Jer- sey, Pennsylvania, and South; v. 4, Middle West. N. Y., Automobile Blue Book Pub. Co., 231-241 W. 30th St., 1910. 800; 900; 750: 750 p. 8°, leath., ea., $2.50.

Annual magazine subject-index, 1909; sub- ject-index to a selected list of American and English periodicals and society trans- actions not elsewhere indexed; the Dra- matic Index for 1900 is incl. as part 2. v. 3. Bost., Boston Book Co., 1910. 468 p. 8°, lib. buckram, $5.50 net; without Dramatic index, $3 net.

Archer, R: Lawrence, Lewis, W. J., and Chapman, A. E. The teaching of geography in elementary schools. N. Y., Macmil- lan, 1910. 8+264 p. D. cl., $1.10 net.

Auchincloss, W\: Stuart. Auchincloss’ chron- ology of the Holy Bible; introd. by A. H. Sayce. 3d ed., enl. N. Y., Van Nostrand, 1909, [1o10.] ¢. 7-07 p. fold. map, fold. tab., 8°, cl., $1.

Austen, Jane. Pride and prejudice. N. \. Putnam, I1910.. 12°, 40 c.

Ayer, Mary Farwell. Early days on Boston Common; with 24 full-page photogravure: from old prints. Bost. [C: E. Good- speed, Agt., 5a Park St.,] 1910. $4 net. (250 copies.)

Bacon, Edw. Munroe. The boy’s Hakluyt; English voyages of adventure and discov- ery. N. Y., Scribner, 1909, [1910] .

I p. pls. pors. maps, facsims., 8°, $1.50. ublished in 1908 under title: “English voyages of adventure and discovery; retold from Hakluyt.”

Bacon, Mrs. Eugenia Jones. The red moon Wash., D. C., Neale, 1910. c. 152 p. &°, $1.25.

Baedeker, Kar]. Belgium and Holland. N. Y.. Scribner, [imported,] 1910. il. maps, plans, 16°, cl., $1.80 net.

Baedeker, Karl. Handbook of Great Britain 7th ed. rev. and enl. N. -Y., Scribner,

[imported,] 1910. maps, plans, 16°, c) $3 net. Baedeker, Karl. The Rhine. N. Y., Scrib- ner, [imported,] 1910. il. maps, plans.

16°, cl., $2.10 net.

Baedeker, Karl. Southern Germany. N.Y. Scribner, [imported,] ro1o0. il. maps, plans, 16°, cl., $1.80 net.

Baikie, Rev. Ja. The story of the Pharaohs; with 32 full-page il. from photographs, 49 il, in the text, and two maps. N. Y., Mac- millan, 1910. 15+380 p. map, 8°, cl., price reduced from $2.50 net to $2 net.

Bailey, S: Willson, and Osborne, Harold Allen. Wrinkles; a few suggestions and 1n- novations. Cambridgeport, Mass., Bailey- Tripp Co., 1910. ¢. 62 p. il. 8°, 50 c.

Balch, Emily Greene. Our Slavic fellow cit! zens. N. Y., Charities Pub. Committee, 1910. c. 20+536 p. il, charts, pls. pors maps, O. cl., $2.50,


“The matter for th was originally prepa'c¢ as a series of jes, which appeared 17 Charities and the Fomabns during 1906 and 1907. —Preface. There are some four to six million Slavs now ir the United States and it is to make possi»’c a better understanding of these Americans in the making that Miss Balch undertook her investigatiol-, which covered not only Slav settlements here, © included a year’s residence in Europe among t'*-s

peoples. Bibliography (31 p.). Bangs, J: Kendrick. Songs of cheer. Bost. Sherman, French, 1910. c. 64 p. D. !

cl., $1 net. aa Poems which are filled with an optimistic, happ) spirit. Barber, Marcin. Britz, of headquarters N. Y., Moffat, Yard, toro. 304 p. D. ©!

$1.50. ie chey The scene is laid in New York among the

if the


ton iTres od- net.

the 1S,


st. hf



lune 4, 1910 [No. 2001]

The Publishers’ Weekly. 2181

ch. Mrs. Missioner, a wealthy widow, breaks tne


hain of her diamond necklace while sitting in her >x at the opera. Her guests scramble about to ‘nd them and all but one, the most valuable, is recovered. Finally one of the men steps on some- thing which goes to powder under his heel; it proves +, be the missing gem. On examination the rest f the stones are found tc be paste also, the real ones having been stclen. Then ensues an exciting hont and following of many clues by Britz, the de- tective, who finally finds and returns the jewels to their owner,

Baring, Maurice. Dead letters. Bost.,

Houghton, Mifflin, 1910. 10+243 p. D. cl.,

$1.25 net.

These epistles are supposed to be found in a dead letter office, where they have lain sine they were written in Ilium, Rome, Ithaca, $ manner of personages, historical and Romeo’s Rosa- line, Queen Guinevere, the Emperor Nero, Charmian gossiping of her Queen and Cesar and Antony, Lady Macbeth writing immediately after King n’s sudden death, and striving to darken counsel, are some of the authors of this correspondence s

, be rescued from oblivion.

Barto, D, O. Manual of agriculture for sec- ondary schools; studies in soils and crop production; with introd. by E. Davenport. Bost., Heath, 1910. c. 14+89 p. 16°, 50 ¢.


Basley, Mrs. A. Western poultry book; tells you what to do and how to do it; the chicken business from first to last, with questions and answers relative to up-to- date poultry culture. Los Angeles, Cal., .s A. Basley, 1910. c. 1098 p. il. por. 8°, $1.

Bates, Lindon Wallace, jr. The Russian road to China; with il, from photographs. Bost., Houghton Mifflin, 1910. c. 9+391 p. fold.

map, O. cl., $3 net.

By way of the path of the Cossack and the great Siberian Railway the author reaches Irkutsk; the sledging through Transbaikalia; his life in Tar- tar tents; a description of the City of the Reborn God; considerations of Russia’s evolution, and the story of the hordes—leads at last to China. The book is not only irteresting for would-be travellers over the same route, but gives meny realistic views of native customs and political and historical facts of interest.

Baxter, W:, jr. Hydraulic elevators; their design, construction, operation, care and management. N. Y., McGraw-Hill, roto. c. 320 p. il. O. cl., $2.50 net.

_ By the author of “Practical talks on electricity,”

“Switchboards,” etc.

Baxter, W:, jr. Switchboards for power, light and railway service, direct and alter- nating currents, high and low tension; con- taining 150 illustrations. 2d ed. N. Y., Henley, 1910. ¢. 7-+192 p. diagrs. 8°, $1.50.

Beahan, Willard. Field practice of railway location. 2d ed. N. Y., Engineering News Pub. Co., 1910. c. 8°, el., $3.

Beard, Lina and Adelia Belle. Little folks’ handy book; with many il. by the authors. N. Y., Scribner, 1910. ¢. 6+144 p. il. 8°, 75 ¢.

Berry, Rob. Germany of the Germans; with 32 full-page illustrations, N. Y., ibner, [imported,] 1910. 12°, $1.50 net.

Bertelli, Luigi, [“Vamba,” pseud.] The prince and his ants (Ciondolino): tr. from the 4th Italian ed. by S. F. Woodruff, and

all Dunca upposed


ed. by Vernon L. Kellogg; with 16 colored il. and 90 engravings. N. Y., Holt, 1910. c. 9+275 p. D. cl., $1.50 net.

__ Two little boys and a girl disliking school in beau- tiful Italy wish to be crickets, butterflies, ants—all the happy things that do not need to look at books. One boy becomes an ant, his sister a butterfly, and the imaginative, poetic story, full of knowledge of insects and knowlecge of human nature will make all chil- aren r to read a book once more. What hap- pened sister in the world of butterflies 1s remised shortly. The trarslation is good and the iliustrations colored and in blach. and white are a feature of the volume.

Bigger, Leander Adams. Around the world with a business man. In 4 v. Phil. Win- ston, 1910. ¢c. 4 V., pie por. O. cl. $12. A striking book of travel which reflects the obser- vations and opinions of L. A. Bigger, a retired banker, of Hutchinson, Kan. Mr, Bigger’s travels were extensive, and he has described them from the point of view of the practical man of affairs, rather than of the writer whose only aim is to entertain. The volumes are compiled from letters written to friends during nearly three years of travel and are illustrated by more than 200 photographs.

Bosworth, E: Increase. Christ in everyday life. N. Y., Young Men’s Christian Assoc., IQIO. c. 7-215 p. 16°, 75 c.

Boys of liberty library. 5 v. Phil., McKay,

toro. c. il. D. ea. 50 c. ontents: Harbaugh, C, T., For freedom’s cause; or, on to Saratoga; Lounsberry, Lionel, The trader's captive; or, the young guardsman and the French spies; The young atriot; or, the young guardsmar of Fort William Henry; Ober, F: Albion, Old Put the patriot; or, fighting for home and country; Post,

Commander, The league of five; or, Washington's

boy scouts.

Bradford, Ernest Smith. Commission gov- ernment in American cities; an address be- fore the National Municipal League at Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 20, 1909. Phil., National Municipal oe 703 ~North American Bldg., 1910. 228 p. 8°, $4.

Bradley, Arth. Granville. The Wye; with 24 plates by Sutton Palmer. N. Y., Mac- millan, 1910. 10+192 p. maps, 8°, (Mac- millan’s color book ser.) cl., $3 net.

Bradley, W: Aspenwall, comp. and ed. The garden muse; poems for garden lovers; with an introd. N. Y., Sturgis & Walton, 1910. c. 21+169 p. front. D. cl., $1.25 net. An anthology which aims at bringing together

the best garden poetry, rather than at being ex


Brinton, Selwyn. The Renaissance in Italian art; sculpture and painting. In 9 pts. N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1910. 12°, $9 net.

Broadbent, Fk. Chats on electricity told in plain language for the non-technical; fully il. by the author. Phil. Lippincott, [1910.] 10+196 p. D. cl., $1.25 net.

“The author has attempted in this Jittle book to explain in language which may be understood by any person of average intelligence and education the na- ture and pp meg | of electricity, and to explain the uses of some of the apparatus in general use.”— Preface. Index.

Brokaw, Irving. The art of skating; its his- tory and development with practical direc- tions; with contributions by eminent skaters, and over 300 illustrations. N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1910. 158 p. 4°, $5 net.

eager t= Serene


The Publishers’ Weekly.

[No. 2001] June 4, I9I0

———————— ee a a ee ——— ——

Bromley, G: W. and Wa. S. Owners names of the city of New York, borough of Man- hattan. Phil. G: W, Bromley & Co., Ig1o. c. 258 p. f°, $20.

Brookline, Mass. Public Library. Selected list of books on business and related sub- jects in the Public Library, December, 1900. Brookline, Riverdale Press, 1910. 32 p. 12°, gratis to public libraries.

Brown, Katharine Holland. Philippa at Hal- cyon. N. Y., Scribner, 1910. c. 422 p. pls. D. cl., $1.50.

_ Halcyon is a Westera college. An uncle of de-

lightful Philippa makes it possible for her to go

there. The story opens with the presents popular

Philippa receives when she is packing up to leave

home, a heterogenous conglomeration, every one vf

which she loves and contrives to take with her.

Gives a stirring, wholesome view of college life for

girls and its benefits, and describes the individuali-

ties of many natural, healthy, lovely girls, their plans and ambitions, and the influence Philippa exercised while winning all hearts.

Brown, Zaidee M., comp. Buying list of books for small libraries. Albany, N. Y., State Education Dept. 1910. 40 p, 8°, gratis.

Browne, G: Waldo, and Dole, Nathan Has- kell. The new America and the Far East; with a general introd. by E: S. Ellis; il. by over 1,300 photogravures, colored pls., engravings and maps. 9 v. Bost., Mar- shall Jones Co., 212 Summer St., [1910.] c. il. pls., (partly col.,) fold. maps, 4°, cl.,

$36.25; hf. leath., $409.75.

Bruce, H: Addington Bayley. Daniel Boone and the wilderness road. N. Y., Macmilan,

1910. c. 13+349 p. pls. pors. D. cl., $1.50.

This book is intended to serve the double purpose of a biography of Daniel Boone and a study of the first phase of the territorial growth of the United States. On the biographical side every effort has been made to present an accurate and complete ac- count of Boone’s life, and also to estimate his specific contributions to the progress of the nation; histor- ically, the author’s aim has been to describe the process of expansion in its military, political, eco- nomical and social aspects. Index.

Bruce, Philip Alex. Institutional history of Virginia in the seventeenth century; an in- quiry into the religious, moral, educational, legal, military, and political condition of the people, based on original and contem- poraneous records. In 2 v. N. Y., Put-

nam, 1910. 13+707; 6+607 p. O. cl., $6

net, boxed.

In his “Economic history of Virginia in the sev- enteenth century” and “Social .ife in Virginia in the seventeenth century” Dr. Bruce has described in detail two sides of colonial life, and now he com- pletes the picture of Virginian conditions previous to 1700. e has examined original documents which had nes on his subject in this country and Eng- land, and in these two volumes on the institutional history will be found exhaustive information on the religious, educational, legal, military and _ political conditions in Virginia. Bibliography (3 p.). Index.

Bryant, Lorinda Munson. What pictures to see in Europe in one s.mmer. N. Y., John Lane, 1910. c. 16+183 p. pls. D. cl., $1.50


Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris London, are the cities whose galleries are visited. The most famous and greatest pictures only are described, with explanations of their stories and symbols and anec- dotes concerning their painters. Index.


Bryce, Alex. M.D. The laws of health: with numerous il. drawn from life. Phil., Lippincott, 1910. 19+-421 p. O. cl., $2 net.

_ Dr. Bryce has written a most helpful and prac

tical book on persoual hygiene. At the beginning

of <nost of the chapters the physiology of the parts involved is described somewhat minutely, while 2+ the end of each is given a practical summary. Chap. ter headings are: ood sponeret Food (special) ;

Drink; Work; Rest; Air; Exercise; Cleanliness: Pro.

tection; Moderation; Cheerfulness. Index.

Buchanan, Ja. Works of James Buchanan, [President of U. S. 1856-1860;] comprising his speeches, state papers, and private cor- respondence; collected and ed. by J: Bas- sett Moore. In 12 v. v. 11. Phil. Lip- pincott, 1910. c. 8°, cl., ea., $5 net.

Buchanan, Uriel. Ideals and conduct. N. Y., Cochrane Pub. Co., 1910. ¢. 47 p. 12°, $1

Buck, Carl Darling. Introduction to study of Greek dialects; grammar, selected inscriptions, glossary. Bost., Ginn, [r1910.] c. 16-+-320 p. map, charts, (partly fold.,) 12°, (College ser. of Greek authors; ed. under the supervision of J. W. White and C. B. Gulick.) $2.75.

“Selected bibliography of works of reference with

the abbreviations employed” (6 p.).

Buffington, Bertha Elinor, Weimer, Theresa, and Jones, R. G. The circus book for children. Bost., B: H. Sanborn, 1909, [r910.] c¢. 122 p. il. partly e@ol. 8°, 50 c.

Bury, J: Bagnell. The constitution of the later Roman Empire. N. Y., Putnam, 1910 49 p. 8°, cl., 50 c. net.

Bussell, F. W., D.D. Marcus Aurelius, and the later Stoics. N. Y., Scribner, [im- ported,] 1910. 12°, (World’s epoch mak- ers’ ser.) $1.25.

Butler, S: Erewhon; or, over the range N. Y., Dutton, roro. 18+324 p. 8°, cl., $1.25 net.

Butler, S: Erewhon revisited twenty years later. N. Y., Dutton, 1910.

12+338 p. 8’, cl., $1.25 net.

Butler, S: The way of all flesh. N. Y., Dutton, 1910. 420 p. O. cl., $1.50 net.

From 1872 to 1884 the author of frewhon” and “Erewhon revisited” worked on this story of mod ern English life and character. His death in_ 1902 ut an end to his hopes of revising it. . A. Streatfield has slightly edited it and provided miss- ing portions. It is a ridicule of vain pretension; @ showing up of humbug in education, politics and religion; a study in heredity and a great picture of the latter half of the Victorian era. Bernarc Shaw confesses to having gleaned much of the ideas in his great plays from Samuel Butler.

Carlson, G: Lloyd. Studies in horse breed- ing; an il. treatise on the science and prac- tice of the breeding of horses. Norfolk, Neb., G: L. Carlson, 1910. c. 251 Pp. il 8°, $2.

Chamberlain, Arth. B. George Romney N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1910. (Scribner’s classics in art ser.) $5.

Chancellor, Edn. Beresford. The lives of the British architects from William of Wyke- ham to Sir William Chambers. Y., Scribner, 1909, [1910.] 12+337 p. pls. pors

plans, 12°, $2 net. i “List of some of the authorities consulted (2 ?

+1 tine



alth : Phil., net.

_ prac mning _ Parts ile at Chap- Cial) ;

; Pro.

Anan, ising cor- Bas- Lip-


and im- 1ak-

June 4, 1910 [No. 2001]

Chase, Julian Clement. Motor car operation. N. Y., Motor, 2 Duane St., 1910. c. 1144p. il. diagrs., 12°, $1. -

Chester, G: Randolph. The early bird; a lusiness man’s love story with il. by Arth. \V: Brown. Indianapolis, Bobbs- Merrill,

[ro1o.] ¢. 281 p. D. cl., $1.50.

The author of “Bobby Burnit” has another story 1 the business world. Sam Turner, a successful young promoter, decides to take a well earued vaca- tion. On the very first day he meets “the only girl in the world,” and with his usual cnergy starts in to win her. His ruling passion, business, is al- ways interfering with his meetings with the girl, ard it is only after many interruptions at the seemingly lg moment that he wins her and a business deal as well,

Chubb, Edn. Watts. Stories of authors, Brit- ish and American. N. Y., Sturgis & Wal-

ton, 1910. 13+360 p. il. por. 12°, $1.25 net.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. M. Tvlli Ciceronis Cato Maior de senectvte; ed., with introd. and commentary by Edn. W. Bowen. Bost., Heath, 1909, [1910.] c. 42+127 p. 12°, (Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin ser.) 75 c. ‘Manuscripts of the Cato Maior _ p.). “Criti-

cism, interoretation, etc” (2 p.). “Recent editions

of the Cato Maior” (1 p.).

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. M. Tvlli Ciceronis Laelivs de amicitia; ed., with introd. and