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J. & P. Modern Perennials

Gain a Year— Plant This Fall /

OW is the ideal time to order and arrange to plant many of the fine¢newer Perennial Flowers, whose roots will become established yet this fall and be ready/for, robust growth the minute the frost leaves the ground in the spring. These are the“days ‘when it is so

seesonsrn RET set oe Eagar

Desirable Divine

J. & P: Giant Double Delphiniums

[Rest in height and habit, these gorgeous new American Hybrid Delphiniums have been hybridized and developed in the rigorous climate of northern New York to be truly hardy, disease-resistant, uniform in growth, truly perennial. They have stiff, wiry stems just the right height and will produce several fine spikes per plant. Every plant you receive has shown its vigor by living through the extreme winter of 1939 in our open fields at Newark, New York, and proved its perform- ance in the glorious display of over 300,000 plants in bloom this summer. If the spikes are cut close to the ground after blooming next June, you may have as many as three flowering periods in a season. Order liberally at these low prices, and your plants will be nicely established in early

~All Plants in This Folder Sent Prepaid

Jackson &@ Perkins


Dauntless Debutante

Nurserymen . . . .



easy to see older plants which have outlived their usefulness, and voids to be ‘filled>«.,

In these pages are those vari- eties which do best when planted in the fall, or are capable of fall transplanting when it is so much easier to

of habit, height, color, and succession of bloom. All field- grown plants.

An Epoch in Delphiniums

Long years of earnest, faithful effort in the J. & P. Research Dept. have been rewarded at last with fruition of our dream and ambition—a new race of Giant Hybrid Delphiniums, with all- out-at-once 100%-double florets, true separate colors and superb masses of bloom, on _ strong, wiry, wind-resistant spikes.

Six Exquisite Colors

Dauntless Mauvy-Lavender, compact spikes; extends season by blooming two weeks later than Divine. Many 4-ft. spikes.


Clear, sparkling White in exquisite contrast to the blues and other July flowers; also lovely by itself. Height, 4 ft.


Definitely Blue, the ‘‘deeper’’ Delphinium blue heretofore difficult to get and keep—but here it is, and it will last. The color may vary a trifle. Height, 4 ft.


Deep Violet with white eye—the distinctive violet purple brings a royal note and rich accent to the garden, and the color holds. Height, 41% ft.

Divine Rose-Mauve, wide-based pyramidal spikes on stately plants especially tall, 5 to 51% ft. high.

Each Variety Above: 60c ea.; 3 of a kind for $1.50; 10 0fa kind for $4; 25 of a kind for $8.75; 100 of a kind for $35


New for 1941—Limited Quantity Now Ready

The true Delphinium Light Blue, enchanting in its loveli- ness. The double flowers are closely held on 4 ft. spikes, and the side spikes follow to give a long period of bloom. Height, 4 ft. Besure to include Enchantment. 75c each; 3 for $1.85; 10 for $5.50.

Delphinium Palette—All Six Colors Above 6 Plants, 1 of Each : Group No. 75 (value $3.75) for only.... $3

24 Plants, 4 of each Group No. 76 (value $12.47) foronly.. $10



plan harmonious arrangement™

Belladonna Delphinium Velvet Blue Cave

For years we have been seeking a healthy garden form of the Blue Cave color, and confidently offer this, which we first introduced in the spring 1940 plantings. A rich purple-blue Delphinium of Belladonna type with glorious, mildew-resistant dark green foliage and a free, branching habit. Very free blooming. The best of the deep- colored Belladonnas. Height, 4 ft. 3 for $1.

Clividen Beauty

This choice variety is an outstanding form of the delightful airy Belladonna in a beautiful shade of true Delphinium light blue. You can hardly believe the wonders it will do for your garden—a bit of heaven among your flowers. Grows to 4 ft. 3 for 85c.

Delphinium, Pink Sensation

PLANT PATENT No. 324 (Spring Delivery Only) $1 each; 3 for $2.50; 12 for $10.

Pink Sensation is the only true pink perennial Delphinium in existence. Moreover, a plant that lives up to the highest standards of strength, hardiness, and prolific growth. Reaching a height of 3% ft. with numerous laterals, it continuously throws out new spikes of a lovely airy pink, giving as many as four flowering periods in a season. An exquisite contribution to bouquets. Jackson & Perkins are proud to have been selected by the great Dr. Ruys of Holland, its originator, to distribute this enchanting new Delphinium in the U.S. If desired, we will accept your order now at next year’s new low price, to be sure of delivery to plant in the spring.

Pink Sensation

E & rl ( : r S a nth Se mM U mM S Even now, these glorious flowers would be blooming in your own garden had you

planted them last fall, or early this spring.

Tce Rae eee : . Tremendous advances have been made in fininodiately. ‘alter sbamag planted eaad creating new strains of Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums, both to advance the blooming easily establish themselves to withstand dates and to increase hardiness. The varieties we offer are so satisfactory that fall is a the winter, with only slight care in fine time to plant, and you will have bigger, huskier plants that will reward your

mulching with hay or straw the first i 4 winter, {hic Saag icisoeition dusk whens attention now with more and better blooms next August and September.

each of these fine varieties will look best in your garden. Algonquin Lavender Lady re : A radiant, double, yellow, 3-in. flower which is This new and beautifully shaped lavender-pink

borne freely from early September on. Fine, clean Chrysanthemum simply must grace your garden

foliage. Grows to 30 in. in height. The best of our It is stately in form and appearance, and its lovely early yellow double varieties—a delight in garden color is rare:zThe flowers/are 4in sncrossmandere

or vase. 3 for 90c. equally effective in daylight or under electric

Cl C : R b {| lights. Three of them make a bouquet. Blooms ara Curtis ( uve um) begin the end of September. Grows to 24 in. in Here’s a charming new type of hardy Chrysanthe- height. 3 for $1. mum with lovely masses o 3-in., single, rosy pink flowers starting in early August. The blooms carry on through frost until very severe weather. DWARF BEDDING (CUSHION) Beautiful for mass planting, and they keep in- definitely as cut-flowers. Delightfully fragrant. Well rounded bish 20 in: hall.03 for ‘$i: Pygmy Gold A golden yellow carpet! This is one of our favor- Early Bronze ites. It blooms from August to frost, and has A very long-lasting, double, bronze, semi- small, double, pompon flowers in successive pompon flower that is tops for garden and cut- masses. Grows 18 in. tall, and the shoots are flower use. Anxious to please, it begins blooming plenty long for cutting. 3 for 75c. the end of August. Grows 24 in. tall. 3 for 65c. Manantico Pink Cushion An early, red, semi-double flower that is un- A wide favorite, wonderful for garden effects. usually bright and effective. It blooms from early Plants are rounded like a true cushion, and each September until frost. Plant grows 18 in. tall. bears hundreds of double flowers, starting the end Animates every dreary fall day! Very decorative, of August. Lovely along driveways or in borders. both in the house and out. 3 for 90c. : Grows 20 in. tall. 3 for 75c.

Special Chrysanthemum Collections

; Group No. 80 Group No. 81 Group No. 82

For Cut Flowers and The All ColorCollection Colorful Bedding Plants Garden Display 6 Plants, 1 each of for Floral Carpets Algonquin, yellow 6 Plants, 2 each of Early Bronze, Lavender August to October

Algonquin, yellow Lady, Manantico, red 6 Plants, 3 each of Clara Curtis, pink Clara Curtis, pink, and Pink Cushion and Lavender Lady, lavender Pygmy Gold Pygmy Gold

(Val 2.30 ¢ foroniy.<.-; 91-99 foroniy ay oly LD maior ante een eee O

Lavender Lady

More Favorites for Fall Planting

OON come those lovely mornings with the fall feel in the air, when all mortals blessed with “oreen fingers’ again feel the irresistible urge to plant. And what could be more pleasing to Mother Nature, for Autumn is the ideal time of year to plant some of the finest Peren-

nial Flowers which will remain to grace your garden for many years.

For well-established borders and beds next spring and summer, we have included in this selected list those which by experience have been proved to benefit from planting in the fall. As ex- perienced gardeners know, much time is thus saved. In spring, a thousand different tasks press for immediate attention. Now, you not only put the plants in weak spots still fresh in memory from studying the summer and fall bloom, but you also insure robust, well-developed plants with no open spaces even the first season. Here is your answer to the problem of bulb shortages this fall.

Fall plants should be mulched preferably with straw or marsh hay so the ground is covered, to prevent alternate thawing and freezing. Complete, simple instructions for planting and care will be sent gladly, with your order. If followed, we guarantee results and will replace next spring what plants you were unsuccessful in wintering.

We are proud of this new race of Hardy Geums introduced by J. & P. Spring blooming, they may be planted in either sun or

@ u m S half shade. The flowers are larger and long lasting; the foliage is lustrous green all summer. Favored for boutonnieres. Easy to grow, invaluable for borders, beds and rockeries. Plant now for a glorious display next May and June.

Fire Opal

A recent introduction, and a worthy one! Dazzling scar- let-bronze, unexcelled for late spring. The flowers are large. Very free blooming— more flowers keep appearing all summer. 40c ea.; 3 for $1.

Princess Juliana

Masses of pure orange- yellow flowers from May- June, the largest blooms of this hardy Geum group. Invaluable for the spring flowers; effective all summer with its rich dark green foliage and occasional blooms. 40c ea.; 3 for $1.

Fire Opal


Bristol Fairy

This tall-growing, double white Baby’s Breath is a joy in any garden—gives a a lacy pattern that can’t be obtained in any other way. Blooms start in June. Plants grow 20 to 24 in. high and about the same width.

Rosy Veil ¢ Repens

A lower-growing, double Baby’s Breath which forms a heavy mat of double pink flowers from which many bouquets can be made. Blooms during June and July, with a few blooms in the fall. Height, about 18 in.

Either of Above: 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25

SPECIAL Three Geums Group No. 83

Red Wings

New for 1941 brilliant strawberry-red with yel- low anthers. Now we have a bright red in this new group. Very free flowering; rich dark green foliage all sum- mer. 2 ft. blooms June-July and intermittently all sum- mer. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25.

Helenium, Chippersfield Orange

An orange-red and yellow hue in one of the gayest of all

3P lants, fall flowers! Striking in bouquets and longlasting in the

1 of each of the 3 fine colors above (Value $1.30)

mee $115 3 for $1.

Heliopsis Summer Gold (Hardy Zinnia)

This is the first year we have offered this fine new variety. One of the most effective summer flowering plants that bring a bright and cheery spot of rich gold which never fails to attract atten- tion—at a season when many gardens need more color. The picture at right shows just a few plants at one corner of the test block in our nursery fields this summer. The excellent daisy-like semi- double flowers are 4 in. across, borne very profusely from June till frost. They last a long time in bouquets. After first bloom the plants should be cut back immediately for another crop which repeats very quickly. 3 ft.

3 for $1; 10 for $2.50

garden. A special virtue is restrained growth of not over 4 ft. rather than to reach the very tall stages of the old-fashioned varieties. They bloom profusely in August and September.


eee arane s, Negeos ee” 3G oe Summer Gold—-Hardy Zinnia

Heuchera ° Coral Bells . New fi Matin Belles “i947” Be sure to include some of these fine plants in your order this fall. A real advance of which we are proud—very free blooming with larger, deep rosy pink bells on fine flower stalks for six weeks. Dainty in bouquets; the flowers keep very well.

Blooms from late spring into July. Beautiful foliage all summer. 18 in.

Queen of Hearts 1940"

Much larger bells and a deeper red than the popular Rain of Fire. Wonderful at the front of the border and in the rock garden. You may also wish to grow some separately for cutting. Either of Above: 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50

Physalis ¢ Giant Chinese Lantern Giant Globe

You have longed to grow the giant Chinese Lanterns sold by florists. Here is the plant you want, doing well in poor soil and unused portion of the garden and should be so placed; lanterns almost twice as large. 3 for 85c.

Trollius Golden Queen

Another flower which has gained real popularity in recent years, possessing many of the desired features of Ranunculus but perfectly hardy and far easier to grow. For sheer, lovely gold, nothing quite equals Trollius Golden Queen. Quite tall, almost 30 in. Plant in semi-shaded ground which remains fairly damp. Blooms prolifically in July. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50

Lythrum ¢ Salicaria

Th B New for

@ Deacon 1941

Here is another new introduction for 1941 we especially urge you to plant this fall so as to get full enjoyment from the established plants in your garden next summer. Much more showy than the older Lythrum Rosea used so much in mass plantings in spite of not having a clear color. The neat long-lasting clear deep carmine-red flowers are borne on large spikes, followed with side spikes almost to the ground. Very versatile, thriving equally in wet semi-shade and open, dry, sunny locations. 31% to 4 ft. Blooms continuously, July to frost.

50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50

Veronica Blue Spire

Very desirable deep blue spikes in early summer and repeats later if cut off after the first bloom. An improved variety and seedling of V. subsessilis. Blooms well every year. 24 in. 3 for 75c.

Vinca Minor


A far superior form of one of the most popular ground covers for banks, shady or unsightly spots, with repeating blooms of Alice-blue flowers, and much larger flowers than old varieties. Most satisfactory of all flowering ground-cover plants; the foliage is always clean, never rusting or turning brown.

10 for $2; 100 for $18

The Beacon

All J. & P. Modern Perennials Are Guaranteed

Special Values That Bring Double Rewards to Gardeners

Who Are Foresighted Enough to Plant This Fall

N addition to the many special group offers on other pages of this folder, here are more specially selected assortments, every one of which will add to your garden pleasure next year. All are recommended for the favorable fall planting season, for you to have earlier, larger and more bloom in 1941 than if you waited

till spring to plant.

Group No. 84

J. & P. Garden Masterpieces for All-Summer Outdoor Display and Plenty of Gorgeous Bouquets

3 Aster, Gayborder Blue—Blue—September

3 Aster, Mount Everest—White—September

3 Aster, Beechwood Challenger—Red—September

3 Aster, Frikarti—Blue-lavender—August

3 Chrysanthemum, Clara Curtis—Pink—August

3 Chrysanthemum, Algonquin—Yellow—September

3 Chrysanthemum, Lavender Lady—Lavender—September 3 Geum, Fire Opal—Scarlet-bronze—May-June

3 Geum, Red Wings—Strawberry-red— May-June

3 Helenium, Chippersfield Orange—Orange-red—September

3 Heliopsis, Summer Gold—Rich gold—June 3 Lythrum, The Beacon—Carmine-red—July 3 Veronica, Blue Spire—Deep blue—June-August

Plants in all 39 (Value $13.65) fOnee rE $11.95 :

Group No. 85 A Bright Border All Season

3 Geum, Princess Juliana—Spring

3 Heliopsis, Summer Gold—Summer 3 Aster, Frikarti—Late summer

3 Chrysanthemum, Clara Curtis—Fall 3 Aster, Gayborder Blue—Late fall

1 5 Plants in all

(Value $5.50) for

Group No. 86

The Red, White and Blue Fall Asters

3 each of Beechwood Challenger, Mount Everest and Gayborder Blue Plants in all

(Value $3.25) for

For A More Complete List to Aid in Your Plans This Winter for Adding Other Modern Perennials in Your Spring Plantings, Write for Our Free 1941 Spring Catalog, Ready to Mail in January.

ante tc

« 7

ee ee oe ie at oe

Hardy Asters

(Michaelmas Daisies)

Beechwood Challenger

A new and finer red Aster, clearest in color—deep strawberry with bright yellow center disc. Grows vigorously to about 4 ft., and blooms in September. You will love it all fall for its remarkable gaiety and brilliance. 3 for $1.


Light blue-lavender flower accentuated with a prominent yellow disc—it’s the long cherished Aster, Wonder of Staefa. Provides a colorful spot in your garden from early August until frost. Perfect for cutting, too. Flowers are 3 in. across; plant is 2% ft. tall. An outstanding novelty. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25.

Gayborder Blue

This decorative Aster is most suitably named, for it is a clear, intense blue and has a bright yellow eye. The individual flowers are large and add infinitely to the effect of both garden and bouquets. It’s No. 1 for general usefulness. Open, pleasing habit of growth—5 ft. plants. Blooms middle of September. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25.

Harrington's Pink

This lovely clear salmon-pink form of our Novae-Anglae Aster is the result of a lifetime of selection and hybridizing. But it was worth all the time and effort—a fact which you will appreciate once you have it in your garden! Clean dark green foliage. Plants grow 414 ft. 3 for $1.

Mount Everest

This new white Aster is everything its name sug- gests—clean and neat in appearance; grows in tall, well-shaped, pointed pyramids, with abundant lateral growth flowering right down to the ground. It’s a delightfully refreshing flower—the finest of the whites. Ultimate height, 4 ft. 3 for $1.

Strawberries and Cream

An outstanding novelty. Flowers first appear as a deep pink with golden eye, softening in tint as blossoms open. Contributes the gentle, yet precise color needed to blend in so many gardens. Height, 4 ft. 3 for $1.

Now is a splendid time to observe the need for color where Fall Asters are ideal. And it is the ideal season to order and plant, for a prolific mass of garden color and an abundance of cut flowers next fall. From the rampant wild Asters of the fields, patient horticultural skill has brought to American gardens these modern beauties, so easy to grow, with immense flowers and brilliant colors for a splendid autumn display and pleasing cut flower arrangements. You cannot fully appreciate them until you grow them.

Sunset Glow

The deep rich pink of the afterglow of a fall sunset, this beautiful Aster gives you positive color wher- ever you need it—a very useful variety. Compact in habit. Grows to 3% ft. Be first to have this delight- ful new Aster—you will enjoy it tremendously. 50c each; 3 for $1.25.

Novae Belgae, Blue Gown

New for 1941—Autumn is the time for color in the garden and the blue colors are supplied by the modern fall asters. Blue Gown is tall growing, 5 ft., arching, branched and has masses cf large dark blue flowers. It has the Climax habit and blooms later than most, beginning after September 15. Finest of the lates. 75c ea.; 3 for $1.85.

For best results with the tall varieties, limit each plant to one or two good shoots.


Lilac Time

A fine addition to the introductions of recent years. Compact rounded bush, with beautiful soft lilac- blue flowers. Grows to 24 in.


Exquisite ball-shaped plant, covered with sparkling flowers of purest white with bright yellow centers. Grows to 15 in. high.

Gayborder Blue

Special Groups | to Save YouTimeandMoney ! Hardy Asters Group No.77# Plants, (Value $1.60) for pate 2h $ 4.25


Rose-pink buds unfold into delightful, bright lilac- pink flowers. Charming, feathery plant—grows to 18 in. high.

Each Variety Above: 3 for 65c; 10 for $2

Beechwood Challenger, Har- rington’s Pink, Mt. Everest, Strawberries and Cream—red, salmon-pink, white, deep pink.

Dwarf Aster Special

Group No. 78 § Plants, of all Medium and Tall

Varieties at left (Value $3.85) for only $3.10

9 Plants, 3 of Group No. 19 each of the above $1 80

fine varieties (Value $1.95) for....

Pyrethrum, Pink Bouquet New in 1940

Originated in Our Own Nurseries

So you may enjoy this wonderful novelty at its best next summer, we have gone to special pains to dig and pot up selected plants for your garden, to be sure you can transplant safely this fall and we can guarantee your plants will live and bloom; we are not offering Pyre- thrum plants for fall transplanting except in pots.

Here is the exquisite new double pink Painted Daisy you have long wanted, with from five to eight large 4-in. flowers to a stem! Unlike so many varieties, the petals stand straight out and the stems upright in all kinds of weather. The outer petals a deep rosy pink, with centers soft pink. Pyrethrums have enjoyed greatly increased popularity in the past-few years, and such a greatly improved variety as Pink Bouquet bids fair to win even wider favor. Hardy and easy to grow, colorful in the border, splendid for bouquets. The blooms come in May and last through June. 30 in. stems. 65c ea.; 3 for $1.75; 10 for $5.50; 100 for $45.


J.&P. Perennial | Phlox

(CUMS of three or more give zest to a border and in masses they produce summer color that is unexcelled. A “must” in any well-ordered garden. We particularly recommend these 1940 introductions, as well as the selected favorites below. It is an excellent plan to transplant in fall.

Blue Boy

The best deep blue Phlox ever produced, free blooming; large indi- vidual flowers. Growth is low and bushy—about 24 in.

Harvest Fire

A rare beauty; mammoth salmon-orange heads branching from the bottom; large individual flowers. The cleanest, healthiest foliage we know. Long period of bloom. 30 in.

Salmon Beauty

Rich salmon-pink with large white eye. Soft in tone, yet.positive in effect. 30 in.

Each of Above Varieties: 40c ea.; 3 for $1; 10 for $2.50

Special Offer—A lll Three

9 Plants, 3 of each of above

Group No. 87 (Value $3.00) postpaid for only



Selected Favorites for Your Enjoyment

Albert Leo Schlageter—Brilliant scarlet-red.

Daily Sketch—Large, light salmon-pink; crimson eye. George Stipp—Salmon.

Le Mahdi—Purple.

Mia Ruys—Pure white.

Mrs. Harding—Glowing salmon.

Painted Lady—Peach-pink with deeper eye. Tigress—Bright orange-scarlet.

Each of Above Favorites: 3 for 65c; 6 for $1.25; any 100 for $15

J.&P. Quality Peony Roots

Heese Peony division we send out is unusually generous in size, specially selected from healthy, thrifty 3-year-old plants in the fields, to give you the strongest, most satisfactory divisions, with plenty of roots. Each division has 3 to 5 or more strong eyes. All are sent prepaid.

(The number in parentheses indicates the impartial rating of Peony Specialists whose scale runs from 1 to 10—the ultimate in perfection, not yet attained by any

variety, would be 10.) Late, Double

Blue Boy

Special—Rainbow Phlox Collection 11 Plants, 1 of each of the choice

Group No. 88 varieties on this page. (Value $3.20) for only

Early, Double

Edulis Superba (7.6) Soft mauve pink, silver sheen; crown type; fragrant. 35c ea.; 3 for 85c; 10 for $2.25.

Festiva Maxima (9.3) Magnificent white, flecked crimson; rose type. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50.

Mons. Jules Elie (9.3) Glossy lilac-rose, bomb type. 75c ea.; 3 for $1.85; 10 for $5.50.

Richard Carvel (8.8) Bright crimson; one of the few sweet-scented reds. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50. i

Special Groups


—everything you get from J. & P. is guaranteed by us—see inside pages.


Red Peonies All Season

Richard Carvel, Longfellow, Louis Van Houtte

No. 89 3 Roots, 1 of Each (Value $1.75).. $1.50 No. 90 9 Roots, 3 of Each (Value $4.35).. $4.00

All These Plants and Roots Are Sent Prepaid

Jackson & Perkins Co.


Midseason, Double

Karl Rosenfield (8.8) Striking, velvety dark crimson; semi-rose type. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50.

Longfellow (9.0) Large; bright crimson, accented with golden-yellow stamens near center. 75c ea.; 3 for $1.85; 10 for $5.50.

Therese (9.8) Enormous; long petals, translucent old-rose pink; profuse. $1.00 ea.; 3 for $2.50; 10 for $7.00.

Walter Faxon (9.3) Bright rosy-pink, semi-rose type. $1.00 ea.; 3 for $2.50; 10 for $7.00.


Groups No. 91

Albert Crousse (8.6) Large; soft shell-pink; outstanding. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50.

Couronne d’Or (8.1) Immense white, with crimson blotch; very late. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50.

Louis Van Houtte (6.9) Fine dark crimson; very double. 50c ea.; 3 for $1.25; 10 for $3.50.

Sarah Bernhardt (9.0) Large; dark rose-pink, edged lighter. 75c ea.; 3 for $1.85; 10 for $5.50.

Pink Peonies All Season Mons. Jules Elie, Therese,

Albert Crousse

3 Roots, 1 of Each (Value $2.25).. $1.85 No. 92 9 Rocts, 3 of Each (Value $5.60).. $5.00

Order Early

—so we may send your

plants at the most favor- able time for planting in your garden.